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I have a asus prime x570 pro motherboard and both of the 5v and 12v rgb header in already from my bpta-fx1812nt-5. The fans came with a fan hub which from what i have tried does nothing for some reason even though its hooked up the psu via sata. How do i turn off the fans rgb because im not sure if im supposed to have both 12v and 5v headers plugged in at the same time because i went to the website with the list of instructions however couldnt find my kind of fans. Here is the website to show the locations of all the headers How am i supposed to turn them off? Thanks.

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Hello LEY3,

Thanks for your response.

Please use the 5V,3 pin (ADD_GEN 2)header of your mother board.
You can have a try to connect the RGB controller to the mother board and control the fans RGB by the software of your motherboard, if they are compatible, you can turn off the fans rgb by software.If not, please connect the fans LED strip directly to the motherboard and then turn off the rgb by software.