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I bought a Bitspower Titan X 1.2 AMD system and was extremely exited to try it out for my first time water cooling a system. After booting up the system with Distilled water to just test the components I noticed that the CPU(Ryzen 9 5900x) was idling at about 50C and maxing out at 80-85C, which is the as hot as my old Ryzen 9 3900x with the stock cooler. I used a Infrared Thermometer to try and see the heat of the tube and waterblock and it seemed that it was staying at a stable 30C in the tubes and 35C on the waterblock.

I have reseated the waterblock and reapplied thermal paste and it only dropped to 45C Idle and 80C load with the same temps on the tubing and block.

For other system components in case that might be an issue, all the fittings and tubing are produced by Bitspower, my GPU(3080ti founders) is using the bitspower waterblock for the 3080 and idling at 30C(2C above room temp) and maxing out at 50C. So the cooling is obviously working for that. I added 3 120mm Corsair fans in the back side slots for better airflow. Everything else is stock in the Titan X 1.2. The CPU comes before the GPU in the loop so I doubt the GPU temps will affect CPU temps.

I used the same thermal paste on the CPU that I did the GPU, which is  the XTM50 by Corsair, not my first choice but it was the only one available at BestBuy and it seems to work fine on the GPU.
I am running the pre-installed pump in the Titan X 1.2 at 100%, fans on radiator and chassis to curve to 100% at 60C.
I am running EK-Cryofuel Solid Cloud White in the loop and saw a 2-4C decrease from distilled water.
CPU will hit 50-60C when doing normal, not load intensive task. (at like 3-7% usage)

If there is any other information you need, just let me know.

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Hello Moon,

Thanks for your information.
Since the CPU (Ryzen 9 5900x) itself is very hot. What's about the surrounding temperature? If the surrounding temperature is about 30C, and when the water is 30C, the CPUM maxing out at 80-85C is good, also much better than air-cooled. If the surrounding is lower than 30c, you can consider adding more radiators and fans to your loop. The best water-cooled is that the water temperature is nearly the same as the surrounding temperature.