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I am a little confused about the enhance multi link fittings. I bought a 6 pack of the enhance multi link od 14mm and they have 3 o rings. One on the bottom where it screws In, one on the inside of the fitting and one loose one that goes on the tube (BP-EML14-6P). I have seen multiple people who hAve purchased single Eml14 fittings that have 4 o rings, it seems to come with 2 that go on the tube. Are my packs missing an o ring or is there some reason why the single packs come with 4? When you look at the description of the single pack fitting it says it comes with an extra smaller o ring for brass tubing, curious why the 6 pack wouldn’t have that as I am using brass tubing. 

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Hello Orry,

The extra O-ring which comes with the single fitting BP-EML14 is for the tube which OD is a little smaller. But since most of the tubing is stander OD14mm, so mostly the O-ring is of no use. BP-EML14-6P is the 6 pcs kit with a special unit price. So there is no extra O-ring in it. If you need the extra smaller O-ring, please send an email to the following address, we will send a quotation to you. Thank you.