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Hello There,

I have a full Corsair open-loop, radiators, CPU block, multi-GPU blocks, acrylic hard-tubing, XD5 pump, two drain valves along with multiple Bitspower fittings and a single Malt Black In-Line Filter and I have the following 2 questions:

1) Is there any problem mixing between Corsair and Bitspower fittings?

2) I am planning to install Aqua Computer's LEAKSHIELD on the top of the XD5 pump, do you think it's safe proceeding forward?

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Dear Customer,

Glad to get your message.

1) No, if Corsair's fittings are copper too.

2) I think the Aqua Computer's LEAKSHIELD will play its function. But it is better to make sure there is no leaking before you fill the water into your loop or turn on your motherboard.