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Hi, I bought a block for my 3080 TUF LHR from OCUK. The instructions on your website said to fit 1mm pads on sections on the front of the card and if they don't make contact swap them out for the 1.5mm pads. The 1mm pads didn't make contact and there were no 1.5mm pads supplied.

There were only 2 X 2.5mm pads supplied which even without any wastage is nowhere near enough to fit in the positions shown in the drawing.

The 0.5mm pad is shown fitted to places on the back side of the card but when fitted there it doesn't make contact with the backplate.

The block itself is great quality but the instructions and amount of pads supplied meant I've had to refit the air cooler for now.

Can you help please?



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Dear Scott,

Thanks for your response.
Sorry that the 1.5mm thermal pad is not included in the kit of BP-VG3080ASF.
According to the installation guide, you should have 2.5mm X 4 pcs.
0.5mm pad should cover the little chipsets on the backside, to avoid any touching.
If you need any more help, please send an email to the following address.

We will check and reply to you. Thank you!