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Iam building a new gaming system with lga1700 Intel 12900K.

my favorite CPU Waterblock is the CPU Block Summit M with Oled.

Can i instal this Block with the MS Mounting Kit for LGA1700?


My favorite Watercooling Brand is Bitspower because the High Quality.

but for my new Mainboard the ASUS ROG Z690 Maximus EXTREME there is nothing at your shop - thats a shame . . .

3. THankyou Lilli Wong for the last support .

Best regards to you from Germany

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Dear maxi626,

Glad to get your messages.
1. When the backplate of the water block BP-CPUM-OLED is switched to BPTA-MKCPUMS-1700, it is compatible with LGA1700 Intel 12900K. When you buy directly from our Taiwan Online shop, we will offer the BPTA-MKCPUMS-1700 for free.
2. Thank you for your support. Sorry that the monoblock for ASUS ROG Z690 Maximus EXTREME is not ready yet. Maybe in the future.
3. Our pleasure! 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Best regards!
Lily Wong