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I already have the Bitspower EVGA FTW3 water block from Microcenter because they are sold out of the expansion kit that includes the fittings and tubing. I don't see the fittings and tubing without a water block for sale anywhere?

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Dear Customer,

Here are the fittings and tubing you need from the BP-TEKIT-3090EVFTW kit.
You can buy them from our Taiwan Online shop.
Please send an email to the following address, thank you.

4pcs of BPTA-DOTFH1622-GS
6pcs of BPTA-90RE-GS
1pcs of BPTA-60RE-GS
1pcs of TA-F40-GS
1pcs of acrylic Hard Tube -OD16MM
1set of Pre-bent 90-Degree acrylic Hard Tube -OD16MM