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I need the pump pressure of BPTA-K1M. The specs don't list the psi/mbar of this pump. If possible, the mbar at different RPMs or L/H would be helpful!

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Dear Arthur101c,

Sorry that we do not have mbar pressure of BPTA-K1M.
This is the specification of this pump.
Can you see the data you need?

Rated Voltage: 12V DC
Operation Voltage: 8 ~ 16V
Rated Current: 0.7A
Power consumption: 8.4W
Maximum flow: 7.7 LPM
System Temperature: -25 ~ 80 °C
Noise Level: 24dBA
MTBF: 15,000 hours
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Hi Lily,

Sorry this doesn't answer my question, I really need the pressure that the pump operates at.

I saw another question answered on the support forums here where the pressure of a pump was known