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I have a question about compatibility on the BP-VG6900XFX waterblock.  XFX has released the Speedster MERC319 with 2 different PCBs.  Their original PCB was for the MERC319 "BLACK" edition of the card, and there was a follow-up version with the sub-name "CORE" which has a different PCB.  The two are not compatible with each other.  I'm trying to determine which card this waterblock was originally made for.  Thanks for any information.

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Dear Customer,

It is better to download the installation guide for our water block BP-VG6900XFX.
Compare the PCB photos with the cards, and then you will confirm which card is correct. Or please send the PCB photos for the two cards to follows email address,

We will check and reply to you.
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Thanks for the update.  The instruction manual isn't completely detailed on the PCB, but from the mock-up done, it does seem to be a match with the "BLACK" version, which was the original release of it.