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hello, this is the 2nd o11d distro that i have purchased new. the first one was leaking between the plexiglass. was included with the titan. i returned to microcenter. 

this new front distro is leaking through the pump down the power line. what’s going on with these things???

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Dear Customer,

Sorry to hear that. Did you ever use the air leaking tester before filling water? How much air pressure and how long did you keep the air pressure in your whole loop?
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no i didn’t use an air leak tester. just ran the system with distilled water and just the pump powered. the leak came from the pump around the 18th hour of running the loop
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Dear Dysect,

Thanks for your response.
Would you send the receipt of this product to follows email address?
We will check with Micro Center and reply to you, thank you.
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i exchanged for a new one, i just finished building the machine again. hopefully everything is fine with the new one.