TITAN ONE MINI 2.0 is perfect for anyone looking for a simple all-in-one solution. Bitspower has included a comprehensive series of components to ensure that the user is able to quickly and easily create a water-cooled system based on the hardware of their choice.
Everything you need

Everything you need

Included is everything you will need to build a water-cooled system—no need to purchase water-cooling components individually! In no time, you’ll have a dazzling rig with high-quality cooling components that pairs perfectly with great hardware.

Easy to install

Compatible With M-ATX Motherboards

If you want to build a water cooling system that’s compact yet powerful, The TITAN ONE MINI 2.0 with M-ATX is a perfect choice.
TITAN ONE MINI 2.0 is designed for MATX and can be upgraded to ITX. We now have an ITX toolkit. Please contact us for more information.

Easy to install

Easy to install

By including pre-bent and cut tubes, one of the most complicated elements of creating a loop has been already taken care of—you just need to connect everything up and get cooling!

Installation Guide

Easy to install

New innovative designs

With these two innovative designs, slider and adjustable accessories, no matter how the CPU and motherboard are combined, the TITAN ONE MINI 2.0 is compatible with all of them.

Easy to install

Compatible with Intel's 12th Gen CPU

The CPU Block can be quickly and easily installed on all modern CPU sockets and is compatible with most current Intel and AMD CPUs, including the latest Intel LGA 1700 socket.

Included :
Chassis LIAN LI O11 Dynamic MINI - Black
LIAN LI O11 Dynamic MINI - White
LIAN LI O11 Dynamic MINI - Snow White
Pre-installed Water Distribution Reservoir 1
Radiator 1
Fan 3
DIY parts CPU Water Block 1
Hard Tube 2
Fitting 1 Set
Accessories drain tool 1

Where To Buy
Where To Buy