TITAN X MINI 2.0 is perfect for anyone looking for a simple all-in-one solution. Bitspower has included a comprehensive series of components to ensure that the user is able to quickly and easily create a water-cooled system based on the hardware of their choice.
Everything you need

Everything you need

Included is everything you will need to build a water-cooled system—no need to purchase water-cooling components individually! In no time, you’ll have a dazzling rig with high-quality cooling components that pairs perfectly with great hardware.

Easy to install

Pre-installed key items

The TITAN X MINI 2.0 comes pre-installed with a high-quality motherboard and power supply unit, so you don't need to buy these two important products separately.

Easy to install

Easy to install

By including pre-bent and cut tubes, one of the most complicated elements of creating a loop has been already taken care of—you just need to connect everything up and get cooling!

Installation Guide_AMD

Installation Guide_Intel

Easy to install

New innovative designs

With adjustable fittings and a sliding reservoir terminal, the TITAN X MINI 2.0 is compatible with almost any CPU/Motherboard combination.

※Pipes compatible with MINI iTX motherboards are available upon request. Please contact our Customer Service for availability and shipping information.

Included :
Chassis LIAN LI O11 Dynamic MINI - Black
LIAN LI O11 Dynamic MINI - Snow White
Pre-installed Motherboard 1
Power Supply unit 1
Water Distribution Reservoir 1
Radiator 1
Fan 3
DIY parts CPU Water Block 1
Hard Tube 2
Fitting 1 Set
Graphic Card
* depends on the sales area *
Accessories drain tool 1

Where To Buy
Where To Buy