Titan X 


 O11D EVO 






● Easy DIY water-cooling system

● LGA1700 / AM5 support

● PCIe 5.0 support

● Easy DIY water-cooling system

● LGA1700 / AM5 support

● Adjustable design

● Easy DIY water-cooling system

● LGA1200 / AM4 support

● Original design

Bitspower Product ONE-Year Limited Warranty

Thank you to purchasing products from Bitspower. We trust that our products will open up many new modding possibilities and give you years of excellent performance.
All products from Bitspower carry a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. We would like to lay out the terms of this warranty here so as to ensure there is a clear understanding of what this policy entails.

Bitspower Product Warranty
All products from Bitspower carry a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. In requesting a purchase, customers must provide receipt of purchase. If no proof of purchase can be presented upon request, Bitspower will be unable to proceed with processing the warranty request.

Cases Where the Bitspower Product Warranty is Not Applicable
There are situations in which the Bitspower product warranty is not applicable. Any of the following circumstances will void the warranty - even within the warranty period. In this event, the consumer shall be obligated to pay for any maintenance charges or material expenses for repair. These charges will be based on the rates used by approved maintenance and service points by Bitspower and its dealers

The Bitspower Product Warranty does not apply in the following scenarios:
1. If the Bitspower product has been installed and/or used in a manner that does not comply with user instructions.
2. In cases where the Bitspower product has been modified or repaired by the user.
3. Where scratches and wear occur on the product's casing or components under normal use.
4. If the damage has been caused by mistakes outside Bitspower's control, lightning or other electrical issues, or immersion in or spray from fresh or salt water ( except in circumstances where Bitspower product specifications allow for this).
5. This warranty only applies to the original hardware components supplied with the product and not to other equipment.
6. Bitspower recommends to use of distilled or pure water or Bitspower Pellucid Coolant as the water-cooling liquid. Also, the consumer can add Bitspower Dye to Pellucid Coolant for the color requirement. But please do not add any biocide by yourself. If the consumer chooses different water-cooling liquids, the resulting impurities may cause peeling off the coating on some of the hardware, water channels blockage by built-up residue, improper operation of the water pump, water tank tube breakage, and O-rings deformation or loss sealing leading to leakage. Any issues related to the use of inappropriate water-cooling liquid will be the responsibility of the consumer.

Maintenance notes
1. If any Bitspower product stops working, or leaking occurs during the warranty period, please maintain the water-cooling parts in their configuration within your computer ( this is important, as any changes to the setup will void the warranty), and contact the Bitspower Office directly. After speaking with the Bitspower representative, send all the necessary components, including the water cooling and computer parts to Bitspower for testing. If the responsibility falls on Bitspower for the damage caused, Bitspower will help to repair the damaged items. If they are unable to be repaired, the value of the compensation will be calculated based on the current value of the damaged goods, not the original purchase price. Bitspower also reserves the right to offer replacement products of an equivalent depreciated value.

2. During maintenance, spare parts may be used for the replacement of some parts and assemblies. Therefore, after maintenance, the product or parts and assembly may not be the same as those originally sent in for repair.

3. All replacement products have an extended 30-days warranty after the item has been shipped by Bitspower. This 30-days is added to the remaining time of original warranty.